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Fireside Ironwork - Fire Pokers - Companion Sets - Fire Baskets - Log Baskets - Fire Guards And Screens

                                                                   Outdoor Braziers - Fire pit grills

All fire tools are made as single pieces or as part of a matching fire poker set / companion set. I can also make Fire Guards, Fire Baskets and most other items of forged ironwork associated with Fire places.

Fire Poker / Companion sets

Companion Sets
Mouse tail fireside poker / companion set

Mouse Tail Poker / Companion Set                  £270 + P&P 

Classic Handforged poker set for open fires

        Classic Fire Poker Set                                     £320 + P&P

Musical open fire poker set / companion set

      Musical Fire Poker Set                                    £280 + P&P

shepherds crook poker set

    Shepherd's crook set                       £260+ P&P

Poker on single poker stand

Single Fire Poker and Stand

              £90 + p&p

double fire poker stand with poker and hook

Double Fire Poker Set and Tools

                     £130 +P&P

shamrock fire poker and stand

Shamrock Poker and Stand

                £140 + p&p

vine leaf fire poker / companion set

Vine Fire Poker Set £POA

POKERS AND SEPERATE FIRE TOOLS        Contact me :  phone : 07949 384446 

fire pokers
Mouse tail spur fire poker
musical fire poker
shepherd's crook fire poker

Mouse Tail Fire Poker £35 

       Musical Treble Clef Fire Poker £35 

           Shepherds Crook Fire poker £32 

knotted handle fire poker with spur

         Knotted poker with rolling spur £38 

knotted handle fire poker

          Knotted Handle Fire Poker £34

shamrock handle fire poker

Shamrock Fire Poker £48 +P&P

shovel / chestnut pan / tongs / brush
Handforged fire Tongs

         Fireside Tongs £49  

Fire toasting forke and chestnut roasting pan

Mouse Tail Handle Chestnut Roasting Pan                   £45 & Toasting Fork £42

Fire place shovel

Fireside Shovel £45

Fire log rolling hook

Poker Hook £35

Fire side Rake

Fire Rake £40

fire side brush

Poker Brush £40


FIRE SCREENS AND FIRE PLACE HOODS         Contact me : phone : 07949 384446 

Large Ingnook fire screen

Fire Place Screen £POA

floor standing fire screen / fire guard

Fire Place Screen double foot £poa

Door fire screen / fire guard

Door, fire screen £Poa

FIRE SURROUNDS / FIRE BASKETS /FIRE BRAZIERS     Contact me :     phone : 07949 384446

fire baskets
Dragon's head fire basket

 Dragon Fire Basket £poa

farm house fire basket

Farm House Fire Basket £POA

mannor house fire basket

Mannor house fire basket £poa

fire surrounds
bespoke grape vine fire surround

Grapevine fire Surround £POA

tuscan grape vine fire surround
uprite log basket

Log Baskets 

large hoop log basket
Braziers / BBQ Grills
square fire brazier
shallow fire brazier

Fire Braziers 

deep circular fire brazier

Fire Pit Grill

Fire pit BBQ grill for out door cooking made by john the blacksmith
Fire pit grill / BBQ grill , made for fire pit cooking , and cooking outdoors

Fire pit Grills price based on size and style.. £poa

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